08 Nov 12 at 4 pm
tags: personal  birthday 

so my birthday is december 27th, which is just close enough that i feel like i can justify planning it.

i’ll be home (brevard) so i want to do something fun! my initial idea is to do whatever iBar has going on BECAUSE i was way too sloshed to take any pictures at my 21st birthday! so i was thinking about wearing the same dress and trying to get all of you guys to come again (or most of you!) and then i’ll be better about documenting it!

is anyone going to be around? does anyone have any ideas? :)

30 Mar 12 at 9 am



cake batter ice cream bread! (recipe)

still can’t believe this is real.

is this real?

That, or Crush, because my birthday falls on a Tuesday. Thoughts?